Essay on Globalization Of The South American Countries

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In recent years, Brazil - one of the South American countries, has attracted the worldwide focus, which is possible attribute to two largest sequential international events (World Cup and Olympics). These two events were held in this legendary land in succession. This international games were directly involved for more than 100000 people included 70000 volunteers and millions of Brazil citizens were directly or indirectly involved in the city build, that attracted over 15000 athletes form almost 250 nations to participate (Rio 2016th Olympics and Paralympic Games, 2013)during the two weeks competition.
The Brazilian government has confidently believed that these two international games seem like the fresh blood could motivate the Brazilian downtown market and change their depressed economy. However, before the beginning of Olympics, the rate of crimes and job loss had been staying at high level, and the Rio government continued to invest vast money in to the infrastructures and facilities building in order to the security breaches. With this beings from the Brazilian government, there are plenty of opposed voice came from the website and society so that hardly any of analysts supported that the Brazilian federal government spend billions of money on uncertain projects
For the application of Olympics in the international discussion, there are two different opinions. The Olympics brings the more benefits than the cost, the country should support more like this kind of…

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