Globalization In Brazil

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Globalization, as defined by the dictionary, is the act of worldwide integration and development. It can affect the economy, the culture, the people, and the political systems. This can lead to positive aspects reaching all parts of the globe, as well as leading to some individual cultural identity losses. Technological advancement has made globalization an increasing world phenomenon and reaching all parts of the globe at a much higher pace than before. Brazil is a country that is facing globalization of which is affecting the economical, political, and social conditions of the country. Globalization has been said to be beneficial in Brazil, however, it only seemed to make the rich people richer and the poor people poorer. This essay will …show more content…
It went from being a developing country to being a middle-income country with an increasingly important role in the world’s economy. At the start, it suffered an unstable economy and currency for years until the 1990s when the government attempted to introduce economic reforms. Using trade, Brazil was able to attract foreign investors that in return helped with stabilizing the economy. Brazil also faces a great deal of inequality and poverty that is still an ongoing and growing issue. Up to the present time, Brazil’s economy keeps on growing at a high pace, and globalization has a significant part behind this. Globalization allowed Brazil to be noticed as a serious competitor in the trade market. It allowed them to reach many parts of the world thus increasing the number of buyers and expanding their economy. However, not only have they expanded on their capital intake, they also learned restrictions of trade flows which act as limitations to accessing the market. Brazil is now introduced to new markets and new marketing strategies which allow them to gain knowledge and access to new technology, products, skills, and cheaper ways of production. Gaining all these aspects leads to a significant growth of economic development. This also leads to making dealing with customers from foreign counties far easier, because of technology systems that lower the cost of communications. Despite that the economy is benefiting, there still seems to be some socially negative

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