Pros And Cons Of 2016 Olympics

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Ten years ago, the city of Chicago, Illinois, made a bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Although they came close to victory, the International Olympic Commission (IOC) awarded the hosting rights to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, while Chicago was knocked out in the first round of voting (“Rio to host 2016 Olympics,” 2009). It was a memorable win for South America as Rio became their first city to ever host an Olympics. In contrast, Chicago’s loss left its own inhabitants with some mixed feelings. While many sighed in relief, others were solemnly sighing in defeat at their shortcomings. On the other hand, some couldn’t even decide how they felt about the news, left only to assess their crippled city and their pride. Either way, it was a huge topic of discussion in the bustling city and its surrounding suburbs. …show more content…
Of course, Chicago lost its chance to host this year, but the Windy City has made bids prior so it’s not as if this was their one and only shot. Furthermore, no one truly knows if an Olympics in Chicago would be a success or an utter failure until it happens. That being said, while no clear “yes” or “no” can be given, the pros and cons can be used to determine the likelihood and effects of an Olympics in Chicago. Given how such an event would greatly impact the home and daily life of citizens in the city as well the surrounding suburbs, an examination will provide some much-needed clarity as well as a look into the various perspectives regarding a theoretical Summer Olympics in Chicago. The topics of finances, security, and the legacy of hosting inhabit most conversations surrounding hosting an Olympic Games. Among the three, the cost of bidding and hosting this enormous, international event remains the most

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