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Getting ready to do strategy
In the early 1990s, the Allegheny hospital education and research foundation (AHERF) launched a strategy to become a large integrated health care delivery system. AHERF was not the only health care provider pursuing this strategy. In fact, this was the dominant strategic direction proposed by industry an-alysts and managers alike. Within a few years, AHERF was one of the largest integrated health care providers in the United States and its CEO was hailed as a visionary. By 1998, AHERF was also bangkrupt.
In the early 2000s, Sumsung Corporation launched a strategy to revitalize its consumer video electronics business. Long regareded as a low- quality brand, it sought a quality leadership position in the
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Foe every Samsung,there is an AHERF. Some consultants may offer compelling arguments in favor of one strategy, others may recommend the diametrically opposite strategy. To make things more confusing, what works for one firms may not work for another firm in the same industry. So while it may take little imagination to come up with strategy, it may take a lot of hard work to come up with the optimal strategy.
In brief, you are describing a strategy when you do both of the following :
1 . describe in what respect your firm’s output is truly unique (what is the product market in which your firm has a monopoly, if you will) or the process by which you achieve inimitable efficiency.
2. describe how you plan to defend this unique product or process from competition, entry, and imitation.
This book presents analyses that help you clearly identify your current or intended monopoly position
This book is about t process of developing analyzing strategies. It presents the principles, tools, and templates necessary for choosing among strategic alternatives. The

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