George Fox University And Public University Essay examples

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George Fox University
George Fox University was founded as a school for Quakers in 1885, but has rapidly grown to become the second-largest private university in Oregon. The university is located in Newberg, Oregon, which is more or less in-between its campus centers in Salem and Portland. The private university is a science and liberal arts university that offers a 14 to one student-faculty ratio. There are approximately 200 faculty members who instruct over 3,900 students spread through the different campuses. While 2,200 are traditionally students, there are 1,300 graduate students and over 300 adult degree completion students.
George Fox University is a nationally recognized Christian university that offers undergraduate students a wide variety of degrees, such as biblical studies, media communication, human performance and information systems. There are notable graduate degree programs, such as the school of education’s Masters of Arts in teaching and education as well as their counseling and marriage and family therapy programs. The school of business offers both part- and full-time MBA programs and a rare offered doctor of business administration degree.
There are select hybrid programs that combine online learning with face-to-face instruction. There is an adult degree program for business students, management and organizational leadership, and educational programs, such as the Master of Arts in teaching and the school administration programs. Because George Fox…

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