Essay on Genetically Modified Crops And Food Products

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Different countries have gotten involved in trying to fix the problem, but nothing that has been done so far has worked. Most of what has been done to this point in order to make GMOs more widely accepted in Africa is the introduction of GM crops and food products. There has been colossal amounts of food and money attempted to be donated in order to address the hunger problems in Africa. Large amounts of this food has been genetically modified in some way, which could have extinguished significant amounts of the fear in Africa, but most of this food has been rejected. The United States donated genetically modified corn, but despite all of the starving people, this corn sat and rotted in warehouses(Masci). Another tactic to promote these GMOs was to modify certain crops to be especially helpful in the areas where they are so infamous. Golden Rice- which has the potential to prevent blindness and save millions of lives of African children- was never distributed in mass, because of the suspicion and fear of genetic modifications(McLure). This strategy was also used as disease resistant crops which would make food more available were developed, but they were also rejected. The fear of GMOs in Africa is ridiculous, especially as they could be a major part of the solution to the hunger problems. This fear is mostly due to negative propaganda which has no evidence to back it up. More attempts involve trying to make it apparent to countries that reject GMOs that they are completely…

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