Gender Wage Gap Among The Health Care Field Essay

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Gender Wage Gap in the Health Care Field
Women are now pursuing occupations that were traditionally dominated by males and offered a higher pay. The pay disparity is more prominent within such jobs, possibly because of the fact that they are less flexible and more demanding. As a result, employees, mainly women, who seek alternative arrangements face a disadvantage due to such requests. This theory is further explored by investigating the trends found within the healthcare sector.
The path to becoming a doctor is demanding because it requires focus, dedication and hard work. Post-secondary graduates have to pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), achieve high scores and have excellent references in order to apply to a 4-year medical school program. Then, based on an individual’s choice of specialty, he/she has to undergo residency program for three to eight years. After this, all medical students need to pass a standardized national board exam to obtain a license. Thus, physicians should be accordingly compensated. Unfortunately, female doctors earn 71 cents for every dollar that males earn in North America (Miller). Past studies have indicated that the wage gap within the health care sector can be described by the tendency of females to obtain primary care professions, along with working fewer hours as compared to fellow male coworkers. However, an article published in Health Affairs in 2011 proved otherwise. Research that was conducted from 1999 to 2008…

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