Ge347 Assignment 2 Essay

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Oceans Eleven is a movie starring George Clooney and his class of eleven team members. George Clooney plays a character named Danny Ocean, a man who is recognized as a known thief and con artist as soon as the movie begins. The movie is all about the team and their goal to score the largest heist in history. The teams goal is to rob all of the casinos owned by Terry Benedict, played by Andy Garcia, whom is also dating Oceans ex wife. Knowing the task at hand, the team works through their strategies, relying on one another for knowledge, skills, and their individual abilities. As the movie starts, Ocean is released from prison in New Jersey, and has already planned the heist. Ocean quickly pieces together his team of criminals, from …show more content…
The guys realize that they need to create a group of members with nothing to lose. They decide that they are going to rob a wealthy casino owner, Terry Benedict, who is a very disliked man.
Rusty asks Danny why, and Danny says that he wants to ‘take on the house’, and that it is not about the money. The two go and visit another casino owner/friend named Reuben. Reuben does not initially agree to help out with the robbery, until they reveal the man they wish to rob. Since Reuben does not like Terry Benedict, he agrees to assist in taking down his competitor. Reuben joins the group so that he is included in taking down the man that he despises, and wants to get even. Now with three members; Reuben, Rusty, and Danny, the group gathers the rest of their team.
The Crew and their reasons for joining:
Frank C, casino worker/con man who runs games and will be the teams eye inside the casino is transferring to warmer area and is very motivated by any job involving Danny Ocean. Malloy Twins (Casey and Turk) – Join based on boredom, having pleanty of money from a prior job, but too much time on their hands. These two do not get along, but make a good team together. Livingston – Hacker/Electronics guru who was working with the FBI, but was majorly under appreciated. He feels the need to join so that he will be treated better. Basher – Bank robber/explosives expert who

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