Control Of The Car-Personal Narrative

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Imagine yourself sitting in a car while it’s spinning out of control and not knowing what exactly to do, but just holding on to the car door. Your knuckle’s turning white from all the strength you are putting to hold on the door. Sitting in the spinning car afraid of what will happen next. Seeing people worried and frighten faces as you spin. Turning to look at your mom and seeing her try to get control of the car to avoid hitting another car or someone. I was finally released out of my last class in Alhambra High School. My mom Veronica was already waiting for me across the school near some apartments. Approaching to her gray truck I didn’t expect it anything to happen. It was just like another school day. As usual, we would have to make …show more content…
I realized that we were not the only ones who had lost control, but three other cars did as well. We were all thankful that no one had gotten hurt. The couple who came to check on us, informed us that they had call 911 and the ambulance were in there way. Once they left we got out of the car and notice that one of our front tires was flat. The smell of oil and burn tires covered the air around us, as my mom dialed my dad Alberto’s number. My mom let him know what had happen and that we were all okay. Once she hung up she told me my dad was on his way. As my mom was calling my dad, I called my sister Ariana to let her know why we didn’t make it on time to pick them up. She quickly asked if we were okay I let her know that we were. Soon my family arrived to Walgreens where we all met and waited until we were able to go back home.
Even though it’s been a few years since the accident, there are still time when we go down the road and I hold on to the car door afraid that we might lose control and being to spin again. I am just thankful that my mom had got everything under control when she did or things would have been so much worse. Through this experience I learn to not take anything for granted and enjoy every day of our lives because we never know what might

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