Free Tuition Persuasive Essay

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In today’s innovating society, having an education is essential in order to get a job. In response, President Barack Obama recently proposed a bill to provide free tuition for full and part time community college students who maintain a certain grade point average. His proposal hopes to benefit less fortunate college students by giving them an opportunity to receive an education. According to the article “Expanding Community College Access”, the program is set up to help around nine million students and encourage them to continue studying to earn degrees in advanced level of education. However, a free tuition program may not actually benefit everyone. A free tuition proposal bill should not be adopted because of some various negative drawbacks, including overloading of students in a classroom, overpopulating community colleges, and college students will struggle with managing their finances when they transfer to undergrad colleges.
The issue of having an overload of students in one classroom is happening at most of the community colleges. For instance, a general Chemistry class usually has around eighty to ninety students, and a
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However, the proposal has been analyzed and describe in detail the pros and cons of it by many critics. Many questions have been asked; for example, will the government increase the tax pay in order to pay for colleges’ tuition and expenses? Or will student take community colleges serious like before or it will be like couple more years of high school that they need to go? A proposal for free tuition at community colleges should not be enforced. Less deserving students who lost their financial aid privileges can abuse their free tuition, an overpopulation of students will cause more competition for small class sizes, and students will feel the struggle when it comes to expensive university tuition

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