Essay about Free Public College Education?

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Free Public College Education?
“Students from more than 100 American universities united in a Million Student March to protest over tuition fees, student debt and higher wages for campus workers.” There have been debates about public college tuition in recent years. In the article, “Bernie 's Bad College Idea”, by Kevin James agrees that free higher public education is not a good idea. Public college education should not be free and instead college tuition should increase to ensure the best possible education available.
In the article, “Bernie 's Bad College Idea” by Kevin Gates reviews why Bernie Sanders proposal for free public education may not be a good idea. Bernie Sanders propose “College for All Act,” a bill to make public college education tuition free. Sanders quote, “in a global economy, when our young people are competing with workers from around, we have got to have the best educated workforce possible. And, that means that we have got to make college affordable.”(James). Kevin James agrees that making college available to everyone is the right thing to do but free public college will not achieve that. He does not believe free education can still deliver high quality education.
In reality, nothing is free in life. Somebody will end up paying for a college student to be able to attend for free. Where will the funds come from so that the college system can continue to function? Whether it will be the government’s responsibility to pay for every student to attend or…

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