Cost Of Free Education Essay

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Education costs money, there is no way around it. From kindergarten to senior year of high school schooling is free besides school fees and other costs, but higher education expenses are skyrocketing and more individuals are deciding not to attend. The trouble is so many students who are capable of pursuing a college degree decide to drop out because the cost is too high. This is where the free education proposal comes in. Throughout the years, arguments are supplemented to the government to pass or end the free college education proposal. Free education does sound rather obliging for students planning on to pursue higher education, but college still comes at a price for the government and teachers working for institutions. The proposal wants to help students, and give them more opportunities, but resources are needed and not many teachers and educational employers would want to work voluntarily. Some argue the ineluctable causes “free” education has on people in …show more content…
If more students were able to attend college more people would have a degree. But with more people being able to get a degree, the value of it drops. Once everyone has it, jobs would want individuals to meet higher criteria than before, an associate 's or bachelor’s can initially have the same value as a high school diploma. In Anthony Carnevale’s article “ Too many college grads? Or too Few?”, he discusses the concerning trend businesses are taking on since a lot more people are deciding to attend college than previously thought. In the article Carnevale states that the“”only 27 percent of us need college degrees for our jobs” yet “47 percent of the workforce currently has a college degree.” If a free market would take over college education this will cause a surplus of unemployed or underemployed grads who earned a degree but do not necessarily need

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