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A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction
Leo Babauta

focus: about about focus


his book, “focus”, is by Leo Babauta, creator of zen habits and mnmlist. It was written publicly, online, in small bursts, with feedback from

readers throughout the writing process. It would be much worse without their wonderful help.

The book is dedicated to my grandfather, Joe Murphy, who lived a life that inspired me, and whose death has left a gap in my life ... and to my grandmother, Marianne Murphy, who I love deeply and whose strength and kindness have always pointed the way for me.

All content of this book are in the public domain. I hereby waive all claim of copyright in this
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focus: table of contents section i. step back
1: introduction 2: the age of distraction 3: the importance of finding focus 4: the beauty of disconnection 5: focus rituals

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section ii. clear distractions
1: limiting the stream 2: you don’t need to respond 3: let go of the need to stay updated 4: how not to live in your inbox 5: the value of distraction 6: why letting go can be difficult 7: tools for beating distraction

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section iii. simplify
1: creating an uncluttered environment 2: slowing down 3: going with the flow 4: effortless action 5: three strategies for prioritizing tasks 6: letting go of goals 7: finding simplicity

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section iv. focus
1: a simple system for getting amazing things done 2: single-tasking and productivity 3: the power of a smaller work focus 4: focused reading and research 5: walking, disconnection & focus

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section v. others
1: finding focus, for parents 2: the problem of others 3: managers transforming office culture

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section i. step back


1: introduction
“Smile, breathe and go slowly.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh


his won’t be a long book, a detailed treatise into modern life with an exhaustive system of remedies.

It’s meant to be short, simple, concise. We’ll talk about some of the problems we face as

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