Reflection On The Student's Preplanning Sheet

For the focus lesson, I first returned the student’s preplanning sheets, which were “My family” bubble planning and “My small moment”. Since this was the second lesson, the students had already completed their planning sheets the day before. I gave feedback to students on these planning sheets and returned them to students at the beginning of the focus lesson. The first sheet of this was for the students to brainstorm and write ideas about their family members. The other sheet was “My small moment” sheet. This sheet gave students a chance to brainstorm and write ideas about a family story they may want to write about. Many students wrote about trips that they went on with their families on this sheet. I noticed that if students didn’t write about a trip, they seemed to …show more content…
I did a mini-lesson on this to show students how to take their ideas from “My small moment” and to create it into a beginning, middle, and end. Many students decided to talk about certain family members in each part of the story, so they would draw one family member in each of the parts on the “Draw it out” sheet. Some students decided to write about the things they did on their trip, so they drew what happened in the beginning of their trip, middle, and end. Students loved this part because they were able to take their ideas and put it into drawings. I have several students who struggle a bit with writing (D.C, A.C), so this gave them a chance to really express their ideas in the “Draw it out” portion. I felt as if they were able to get more from this than if there were being forced to write their beginning, middle, and end of their story already in the lesson thus far. Once students were finished, I would check their drawings to see if they had enough ideas to make a story. I then gave students the “Stretch it out” sheet. On this sheet, I instructed students to take what they drew in the beginning box of “Draw it out” and put it into words. They then would do the

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