Essay on First Trip On A Plane Trip

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First Plane Trip The first time I went on an airplane, was when I was twelve. My family was traveling to California for the first time, to visit the family on my father’s side. I remember being nervous, but, extremely excited at the same time. It was a long trip, about six hours give or take, and my family was not prepared one bit. Yet with all the chaotic things that happened, it was still a memorable and fun experience. Of course for the first time on a plane, you’re going to think the worst. You can’t help but imagine all the things that could possibly go wrong. Things like getting lost in the airport, loosing your luggage, even the plane crashing; and don 't forgot all the chaos of finding the gate, being on time, and looking for seats next to each other, so you have someone to talk with on the way there. Yet, all together, I’d still say the most nerve recking part, was the launch. You have the “fasten your seatbelt” sign lighting up, and all the flight attendants starting to yell. The build up of nerves as the plane begins to angle itself on the runway right before it takes off. You can just feel all the vibrations in your finger tips. Taking a deep breath as the plane begins to ascend and the air pressure beginning to make your ears pop. (Good tip, chewing gum really helps make the popping stop.) But once you finally get up in the air, you get this incredible feeling. All the turbulence begins to stop and your nerves begin to settle; it feels magical. I guess it has…

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