First Rate Fast Food Joint That Employed Me Essay

731 Words Oct 7th, 2015 3 Pages
I often catch myself making the same assumption, day after day. Each day I face a whole new set of difficulties, from the moment I rise out of bed until the second I return. As a high school student who is attempting to manage a part time job, there is little time left for any amusement in my life. The average day consists almost entirely of activities I would rather not participate in. From completing my homework assignment to scrubbing the floors of the second-rate fast food joint that employed me, I am constantly thinking of a thousand things I’d rather be doing. To surpass this, I simply tell myself the same thing, over and over. It will be over soon. Soon enough, I’ll be done here, and I’ll be able to move on with my day. Sure, it is inevitable that I will have to return to this state of boredom and frustration, but at least I’ll have a break until then. This is how I have learned to survive. It is not what my parents taught me as a child, but I do not doubt they have thought the same thing. As a child, I was taught that I could do anything, and if I wanted to succeed I would only have to try my best. I grew up with this mindset, but as I grew I realized it wasn’t at all realistic. My success is not guaranteed. I can try my best, and then even better, but I can’t trust life to work out for me. I’d rather just do what I can and count down the seconds until it 's over. It is pointless to arrange our entire futures when in reality, our fortune is entirely out of our…

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