Everything Has A Purpose By Jeannette Walls Analysis

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Everything Has a Purpose
“I was on fire. It’s my earliest memory. I was three years old, and we were living in a trailer park in a southern Arizona town whose name I never knew.” People never wonder what it would be like to have a traumatic childhood. Then grow up and try to turn everything around to be successful adult. Most people wonder at a young age what it takes to be successful later on in life. This is the author's purpose, no matter how rough or unknowledgeable any child's childhood was, people can always grow to be successful.
The authors purpose is, not everyone has to grow up in the best environment to grow up and be successful. Jeannette Walls simply shared her story of not growing up in a good stable family was hard and scary at times, but was able to grow up and against all odds, became a NY writer. The hardest way a child can grow up is always moving and not being able to have a solid education, and that is the life Jeannette Walls lived. She was always moving from place to place because of her parents, they didn’t have a strong income, a solid knowing of how to live a healthy lifestyle, or be a proper parent. While Jeannette wasn't the only one who had to live that kind of lifestyle, many kids in our society live like this but not
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Jeannette Walls happened to share her life story to get her purpose across to the readers. All her hard times and life lessons might be a great life lesson for others, and will know even if they are having a rough life right now if they are young they can and will get through it, and will also be able to be very successful in life when they are older. So society never needs to think less, and know nobody will be a failure. This book would be good for anyone at any age because her purpose is a very important thing everyone should know and understand, no matter how rough or unknowledgeable any child's childhood was, people can always grow to be

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