Finding A Service Learning Site Essay

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I would like to start with the process of trying to find a service learning site because that was an interesting experience for me. I have three kids and two of them are third graders at the Richland Elementary. They always beg me to come volunteer at their classrooms but because I am a full time student and a full time mother I barely have time for that so I see this class as an opportunity to make my kids happy by completing it at their classrooms. I contacted both of the teachers, one never responded and the other responded by saying that I cannot start before the October which I agreed to start in October. Then, she rejected me saying that it is better if I complete this task in other classrooms. She suggested me to seek an opportunity outside of my children’s classroom for the best interest of my kids. Like I do not know what my kids best interest are. I was extremely upset by this satiation, knowing that she actually needs volunteers for her classroom. Then, I send an e mail to the San Marcos Elementary which I got a quick respond and placement. Mrs. Kari placed me in the Engineering class with Ms. Alonso on Mondays and Tuesdays from nine to ten am. I am impressed how quickly and profession lay my placement was handled, especially, when I compare it with the Richland Elementary which they create a school wide issue.
I have to admit that I went that school with my prejudices and bias. I heard that most students at San Marcos Elementary cannot speak English and the…

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