Final Project Case Study - Michael's Life Essay

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Final Project: Case Study - Michael's Life
Kathy Herman
Psy 210
July 18, 2010
Beverly Salzman

Final Project: Case Study - Michael's Life
Michael’s stress comes from the recent divorce ending a 15 year marriage and the inability to see his children as much as he would like. His employer’s announcement that do to budget constraints would result in layoffs is most certainly a big cause of stress. Without a job, he will not be able to support his children and maintain the townhouse he just purchased. The stress is causing him to have chest pains and making his health decline. The fear of dying and missing out on his children’s lives is also a big stress producer.
Michael’s self-concept and self-esteem is being lowered by the
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Group therapy would also help Michael by allowing him to listen to other people who have been thought the same situation as him, sometimes the best therapy is to hear that it has happened to someone else and they are getting through it. Michael should also see a physician about his chest pains not only to take away some of the worry about it but to make sure that there is not a real problem there.
The theory that best explains Michael’s situation is the social-cognitive theory. The social-cognitive theory explains that an individual and the environment work together to produce results. This theory claims that there are competencies; the skills and knowledge that we need to make an adjustment to our social environments. Michael is currently lacking the competencies that he needs to overcome the distress that he is experiencing in his personal predictions about how thinks will turn out, he will improve his expectancies and his self-efficacy. This will boost his belief that he can do anything he puts his mind to. Michael needs to believe that he can overcome anything if he works at it with determination and strength.
Michael is in the middle adulthood stage of development. In this stage, a lot of males tend to start looking back at their lives, rather than looking forward. Michael is looking at his life from this perspective and thinking negatively about all of his failures. He may be experiencing a midlife crisis when he sees that at age 40, his career is

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