Susan Smith Case Study

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There 's no doubt that I can relate and pity Susan Smith. She went through trauma, depression, and thoughts of suicide just because her life wasn 't perfect, or what she hoped it would 've been. Most of all, Susan and her husband, David, were going through a divorce. Divorcing is hard for both people, even if no one loves each other as much as before. Especially having young children who don 't understand the current situation makes it difficult, tiring, and more stress put onto the parents. I pity Susan when she said her life was filled with loss and rejection. She lost her husband, and got rejected by her boyfriend, Tom Findlay. When she was asked by Sandy what was wrong, Susan told her she was upset, she stated that she was "in love with someone who doesn 't love me." That quoted line made me pity and understand Susan Smith. How can someone go on in a relationship if the other doesn 't love the other one anymore? Every couple deserves affection and love in a relationship, but Susan felt rejected, twice. When it feels like everything is being taken out in lives of people, suicide is the answer. However, something was stopping her from surrendering. She stated that she just wanted relief from all the stress and burdens. Many …show more content…
The society has no right or say in it that one person can or cannot reproduce. However, Susan Smith should be stripped of having children again. It 's a possibility that she can repeat the same actions as before because of rejection in love. Although she told investigators how much she loved her sons and how she never meant to harm them in any way, killing them was the only way to not make them suffer anymore. What happens if she says the same thing again after she gets children and kills them with the same method? She would just be sentenced to life in prison. There 's no one out there who would want to be with Susan after knowing she murdered her

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