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VeriType is developing software that will improve the billing process for physicians. The software is developed to help make the billing process easier, more accurate, efficient, and compliant with the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). HCFA monitors billing practices compliance with government regulations. Fines imposed for noncompliance with HCFA guidelines can reach up to $10,000 per claim. This along with other inefficiencies in the billing process can cost physicians a lot of money. (Moot Corp, 2013)
VeriType’s software is designed to improve the billing process and allow the physicians to worry less about the billing process and focus their attention and time on patient care. VeriType is a unique leader in
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A HCFA specialist would be necessary in training the employees in HCFA standards and guidelines. I believe this should be done via an instructor led classroom method. I think that bringing in a HCFA specialist for trainings in a classroom would be very beneficial to the trainees. This information is crucial to the success of the product's success. The information can also be very complicated. This training should involve a testing process to ensure proper understanding of HCFA guidelines.
Customer service and software development training will need to involve a combination of e-learning and classroom training. Having a live person teach trainings allows the trainees to ask questions and gain clarity in any areas that may be confusing. Role playing and mentoring will also critical pieces in the instructor-led or in person training and development. E-learning allows the trainees some flexibility in time and pace of materials. There is potential to do continued training online through e-learning for convenience and accessibility. E-learning would be a valuable tool in the development phase because it would allow some flexibility in individual time. Consistent development is important in this particular company because it is both a new organization and it is a technologically based company. The role of a HRM in development is also

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