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The final paper of “Women and Taiwanese Society” According to official statistics, in recent years, Taiwanese women have been postponing their marriage and, after marriage, have avoided producing children. I ask few of friends and my family if they were in marriageable age whether they would get married or not. Most of people’s answer is that they would get married. But the marriageable age is no longer twenty-five or twenty-six, it transforms maybe after thirty. And their reason is because in recent year the news which about the marriage is always not good. So they say that the bad news will affect those women who postpone marriage. Women will not have confidence in marriage. And they need to face the problem that is from two different …show more content…
I thing this problem is the most married women who need to face. Their older parents would ask them to producing children. In order to making their family line goes on as long as they could. The older parents think that is sinful if the family line was halted in their generation. So their will hope their child could produce their grandson. And woman has to spend ten mouths being pregnant. The most important is pregnant will make the woman’s body be fat. In addition, they would lots of uncomfortable physical condition, such as vomiting during pregnant. And when the infant is coming, the mother has one more responsibility to take care of the baby. In our law, women can have a vacation which is three years. But some boss would be picky with you. And if you are luck, maybe your mother-in-law or your mother will partake of the infant. Or economic of your family permits of the extra expense, you can employ a baby sitter. When the family has an infant, it will make the family more and more spending. The infants have to use a lot of diapers and dried milk. However, when the infant would grow up, the parents would cost more spending for education of children. The parents not only need to cost education spending, but also need to educate the developing of children’s personality. It is very difficult to bring up a child. Furthermore, government has a plan to subsidize the family who produce the infant, but the subsidy is not enough

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