Final Marketing Paper

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Alicia Oriol
Marketing Plan
Marketing MKTG522
Group travel for Young Adults
Prof: Heather Teague
February 24th 2013

Table of contents

Executive Summary
Situation Analysis
Market Summary
SWOT Analysis
Product Offering
Keys to Success
Critical Issues
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Objectives
Financial Objectives
Target Markets
Marketing Mix
Marketing Research
Marketing Organization
Contingency Planning

Executive Summary

Travel and tourism are critical to the American economy. This growing industry offers significant
Potential for job creation across all regions of the country. Federal policies on matters ranging from national
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XEL-HA, known as the world’s largest natural aquarium is a vast area of protected inlets and lagoons, home for many varieties of colorful tropical fish. Where you can tube down a lazy river, jump into natural wells fed by subterranean rivers, swim in lagoons, snorkel in springs, dive in an underwater paradise, see turtles, dolphins, a floating bridge, a Mayan cave or rest in a shady hammock. Immerse yourself here in a natural place of magic and wonder. Lastly, learn about Mexico's 30 centuries of human evolution when you visit the Anthropological Museum, there you will have the chance to see thousands of artifacts, including burial tombs, giant Olmeca stone heads, the famous Azteca Calendar Stone and a reconstructed Mayan temple. This is great for everyone, including those passionate about history and art, or those just yearning for adventure! People see the world through pictures. I think it’s more important to see all the wonderful places, the people, their cultures, their country, their food, the history, the cities in person. It's simply wonderful.

Market Summary

Adventure travelers often seek unique or new travel destinations and activities. It is often believed that a percentage of this sector is willing to accept limited tourism infrastructure with the promise of an exceptional, authentic experience. Given their penchant for exploring new destinations and seeking new experiences, they are frequently coveted by emerging destinations at the early

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