Essay about Fashion Magazines : An Unrealistic Body Image

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Plato once said, “Beauty is in the eye of beholder,” this society has allowed physical appearance to decide whether their beautiful. Fashion magazine have impacted the world in many ways by showing all races, genders, and cultures what the standards for beauty are in that type of society. Most of the ideas that make a woman beautiful can be harmful in many ways. Most women don’t realize that the standard of beauty is an unrealistic goal that not many women can meet in a healthy way. Fashion magazines uses thin women to portray their ideas of what beauty is in the society that they’re targeting. Most of these magazines give an unrealistic body image that only few women can meet, they also affect African-American women and children in many ways, while also supporting African-American stereotypes, and they cause female teens to have eating disorders. Fashion magazines portray an unrealistic body image that causes African-American women to have eating disorders. For instance, fashion magazines show their readers an unrealistic body image. The media gives women an impossible idea for beauty that not all women can achieve without hurting themselves. “Almost 20 years ago, adolescent girls described their ‘ideal girl’ as an almost impossible 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighing 100 lb., and with long blond hair and blue eyes” (CONSTRUCTED, 2008). In most advertisements, every female model would portray a similar look. This look being, they would have a super-thin body with a flat…

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