Black Men Stereotypes Essay

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A stereotype that plagues both Black men and women is that that are “are extremely sexual, almost to a point of perversion.” This harmful stereotype is heavily enforced in music and cinema. A large amount of hip hop and r&b is riddled with offensive stereotypes about women being “hoes” and “thots” who are only good for sexual gratification. Although many of these songs do not specify which race of people they are speaking of the videos of these songs usually contain mostly Black women and men. This causes others to associate these beliefs with Black women and men. Also, as explained by Patricia Hill-Collins, movies such as Booty Call gives off the impression that Black men are sex crazed while Black women are only objects to be used for pleasure. …show more content…
The idea that Black men are violent has been around for centuries. The body of strong Black men have paraded around on television, but instead of something to be amazed by it is portrayed as a body to be feared. This stereotype is enforced by movies, music, and the sports that Black men dominate. Whether or not these Black men are considered admirable to animalistic is usually dependent upon how docile they are. The moment these Black men assert dominance they are considered to be threats. In “Athletes and Criminals: Images of Working-Class Black Men” by Patricia Hill-Collins, Collins explains how Black male athletes who do not follow the authority of White men are portrayed as violent criminals. This is true for all Black men, not just athletes. Within the last two years, there have been dozens of Black men murdered by White male police officers whose reasoning for murdering the unarmed men was that they were “fearful”. This fear of Black men who do not seem docile enough is always prevalent even when Black men are not being aggressive. They are always viewed as violent brutes and always portrayed as violent brutes. Instead, impassioned and strong-willed Black men should be praised. When men of other races assert themselves or defend themselves they are seen as protectors or “real men” rather than violent. This room to be assertive should be given to all people not just White people or just White

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