False Interpretation In Nursing

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Nursing has constantly evolved from the time of its inception. Revisions in the nursing process has been constant, ultimately forging a new and more definitive body of knowledge. Physicians nowadays are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for medical attention. Answering to that call for attention; nurses have stepped up their role in the healthcare field taking responsibility and accountability that at some point overshadowing the role of physicians. With nursing’s rapid development, doctors have been more unyielding to the progressive contribution of nursing. This in turn commenced into a game of tug of war between a diagnostic approach and a more holistic approach. False Interpretation of Elevated WBC Count

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This encompasses medication administration and review, vital signs monitoring, laboratory result report and tracking routine or depending on hospital protocol, hourly patient assessment. There are a plethora of reasons why a nurses’ assessment is integral in the overall patient plan of care that physicians should not ignore. They are the frontline providers, they function as the human monitor of the patient. These nurses are equipped with knowledge and skills that enables them to manage multiple complex conditions.
A nurse’s shift begins with a detailed endorsement accompanied by a keen clinical eye during patient rounds. On a daily basis, it is nurses who critically notice the different and varying improvement or decline in a patient’s condition (Radcliffe, 2000). This alone proves that regardless of what a lab result provides, although it is diagnostic data; a nurse’s clinical eye by utilizing systemic assessment is crucial in confirming a possible patient outcome. Physicians, due to their hectic schedule and countless patients, have provided less attention to long-term skilled nursing patients. Their clinical judgment is usually based on a battery of test which they do not have direct visualization on the actual patient condition. And when an elevated WBC count appears, they often interpret is as septic and order for hospital transfer (Franz & Horl,
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And together with the physician, can correlate an appropriate plan of treatment which would aid the doctor in determining the course of the disease process presented by the patient. Communication and recognition of each profession’s field of expertise is vital in maintaining the patient’s stability. Nurses are trained to be critical in their assessments and fully understand the connection between actual signs and symptom and an elevated WBC count. Nurses are part of the healthcare team and their input also bears weight because it is with their daily connection and interaction with patients that strengthens _____. Nurses are the eyes and ears of patients, especially those who are ___ and without a family or support system, they embody a true vehicle of total

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