Safe Care Of A Nurse Essay

A nurse should be able to provide care that is safe and get the quality of care they deserve. According to Lillis, Lynn, and Taylor (2015), the system should be safe, effective, efficient, patient centered, timely, and equitable (pg.141). Physical assessment skills are necessary to identify positive and negative changes in patients’ health status. A nurses should also have the ability to be a critical thinker and to use clinical knowledge when caring for a patient because it is essential to the well-being and safety of the patient. The nurse should also be able to identify potential risks and errors while treating a patient since that promotes safe care. A nurse should remain safe and competent by being a lifelong learner. There is always something new to be learned and if the nurse takes the responsibility to remain clinically advance it will help ensure that the patient is safe. Clinical skills involve …show more content…
According to According to Lillis, Lynn, and Taylor (2015), professionalism is a way of being/commitment to secure the interests and welfare of those entrusted to one’s care (pg. 1742). Professional values provide the foundation for nursing practice and guide the nurse’s interactions with the patient, colleagues, and the public (Lillis, Lynn, & Taylor, 2015). Values include autonomy, altruism, integrity, social justice, and human dignity. Professionalism occurs when a nurse is communicating with the patient about a problem or talking to co-workers. When a nurse is at work she/he should maintain professionalism, yet it should not just happen when at work. The nurse needs to stay professional when not at the job site. This occurs by not discussing a patient’s information to friends or family members. While on the site of my clinical a patient asked what was wrong with another patient down the hall because of HIPPA I appropriately answered the question without discussing the client’s

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