Data Information Knowledge And Wisdom Continuum Essay

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Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom Continuum

Nursing informatics is the integration of computer science and data science of nursing to recognize, manage and process significant information to cultivate knowledge that foster nursing practice (American Nurses Association, 2015). The development of innovative technology has bestowed nurses with wider ability to research quandary areas to make intelligent judgments for their patients through evidence-based practice principles. According to American Nurses Association (2015), data, information, knowledge, and wisdom, (DIKW) are imperative for a quality health care. The DIKW continuum is a structure that channels nurses through a four-step process of research. The intent of this paper is to cultivate a research question and illuminate researching databases to acquire data, knowledge, information, and wisdom to answer the scientific question.

Clinical Question

Nurses are the frontline in the health care settings, and it is imperative that the patients’
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Data processed to provide a meaningful picture to the user in a particular context (Topaz, 2013). The proper utilization of knowledge comprises incorporation of the experimental, tenet principle of ethics, individual, and artistic knowledge in the development of action application (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). Information is meaningful if it answers the research questions. In Indiana, a research analysis conducted on eighty patients that undertook a total knee replacement system, the patients were grouped into two, one obtained the femoral nerve block (FNB) preoperatively, while the other group obtained Exparel intraoperatively (Surdam, Baynes, & Arce, 2015). The analysis result indicated swift recovery time on the patients that obtained the Exparel than counterparts, the Exparel patients’ ambulated same day after the surgery, and required a reduced hospital length of stay (Surdam, Baynes, & Arce,

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