Importance Of Nursing Process In Nursing

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According to Potter, Perry, Stockert, and Hall (2017) the nursing process (NP) is a five-step clinical decision-making approach, whose purpose is to diagnose and treat human responses to actual and potential health problems. Nurses utilize a wholistic approach to care by providing each patient under their care with individualized care that focuses on the patient’s unique needs with the intention of solving the multiple problems that each patient faces. This paper will provide a description as well as highlight the importance of each stage of the NP.
The first stage of the NP is the assessment stage. Potter and Perry et al (2017) define assessment as the deliberate and systematic collection of information about a patient to determine his or
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During this stage, the nurse systematically targets each diagnosis and sets priorities together with the patient and family where possible. It is important for the patient to participate in setting the priorities because it awards the patient an opportunity to express his or her preferences, values or needs and keeps the patient motivated to achieve the expected outcomes. In cases where the nurse’s priorities are not in sync with those of the patient, the nurse can resolve the differences through open communication and keep the patient informed of their options and the consequences of choosing one priority over the other. However, the nurse is obligated to exercise good judgment and make decisions that are in the patient’s best interest. After setting priorities, the nurse sets goals and expected outcomes. Each goal describes the desired change in the patient’s condition or behavior while expected outcome with a set timeline is used to measure the success of the interventions. It is important for goals and expected outcomes to be realistic because they provide patients with a sense of hope and keeps the patient

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