Factors That Affect Youth Participation Essay

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Community leaders should also be aware of the barriers that prevent youth involvement, and develop strategies to avoid or effectively handle these obstacles – should they present. Researchers have found that there are three major barriers that affect youth participation. The first barrier is manipulation – youth do not want to feel like the adult leaders are attempting to manipulate them by educating them on community development, rather than engaging them in the process. Secondly, youth do not like to feel powerless; they want to feel empowered to make decisions in the development of youth programs that serve them. The third barrier involves adults’ general perception of youth; they do not want to be viewed as something to protect, but rather as an intricate part of the community development process.
What impact does community engagement have on youth? Community engagement of youth yields positive results, not only for the youth population, but also for the communities in which they reside. Research has identified positive results in three primary areas: Improved Conditions, Better Decisions, and Increased Social Capital (Carrison, 2006).
Improved Condition. As young people take on specific community issues and other social problems, those specific issues and problems are improved. For example, rather than increase police presence in a community due to an increase in disorderly behavior – community leaders, neighbors, and law enforcement work cohesively to find…

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