Improving Employee Performance Analysis

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NMASI understands that human resource management plays an integral role in improving key indicators within its organization such as performance appraisal, staff surveys, staff turnover quality of products and organizational performance. Alami 2015 cited by Kavanagh et al (1990) stated that in the 21st century the responsibilities of human resources management have surpassed employee attendance and other mere matters considering motivational issues, a safe and healthy working environment and providing an opportunity for growth and innovation. Studies have shown that whenever employees are satisfied and valued, demonstrates increase productivity. As (2016 par. 1) Opined that “ human factor is the only able to combine …show more content…
Moreover, NMASI can consider completing performance appraisal accurately and timely feedback will result in changing employee 's conduct. This will ultimately improve employee satisfaction as well as the organization (Elverfeldt, 2005 cited by Tziner et al., 1992). In addition, supervisors of NMASI can be guided through the mechanisms of raters such as identification of employees strengths and weaknesses and communication with supervisors at periodic intervals to avoid surprises in advance prior to the performance management meeting. Lastly, the rater must carry out direct observation along with additional supporting evidence such as attendance records, awards and recognition (Elverfeldt, 2005 cited by Jacobs et al., …show more content…
Accountable - NMASI survey results are collated and tabulated and then provided to the appropriate supervisors or manager for appropriate action. The owner of NMASI should consider holding managers responsible and accountable for the results (Kruse, 2012). Studies have shown that motivation and emotion of employee engagement are associated with their manager or supervisor. Essentially, failing to inform individual managers of their own outcomes in relation to the organisational objectives may lose the value and importance of self-awareness.

3. Action - Managers are responsible for sharing the survey results with employees to allow employees to provide suggestions so that they have a stake in the process. NMASI have been exercising this important format that has proven to be a success. Not withstanding that, NMASI should consider focusing on one or two areas with the lowest score, for example in communication - with each staff to ascertain the reason why and how to the team can improve (Kruse, 2012).
Improving Human Resource Effectiveness of increasing efficiency and

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