Factors Affecting English Achievement of First Year Students of Compra National High School

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The problem of low achievement from the elementary to the tertiary level of our educational system has led the educators and planners to embark programs to raise the quality of education. Observers from all sectors commented that schools are producing poor quality graduates – the elementary schools are producing graduates who could hardly read and write and the high schools are turning out graduates who could hardly speak English and are not ready for college work. A continuous down trend in the quality of education and academic achievement of the students in all levels, especially the secondary school students has been keenly observed in recent years. Many studies showed
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Theoretical/Conceptual Framework of the Study

This study is based on different theories which were pieced together to serve as framework of the study. Basically it is anchored on the theory of Livenger (1994) on the different factors influencing student’s achievement in school. This is supported by Slavin (1997) and Bloom (1994). This study utilized the theory of Levinger (1994) on the factors affecting the school achievement of students. He stated that “attendance and achievement in school are influenced by a number of factors including the capacity of the learner as a bio-social organism to process and respond to stimuli. Livenger (1994) argues that the “child’s learning capacity or ALC is a critical factor in the teaching-learning process. ALC is the child’s propensity and ability to interact with and take optimal advantage of the full complement of resources offered by any formal or informal learning process and the teacher’s role is to facilitate a child’s mastery of the subject matter, and not merely to impart information. The child’s ALC is determined by the mental and health status, socio economic status, degree of parental stimulation, and overall quality of the home and school environment. Livenger emphasized the significant role of the student himself, the teacher, the school and the home in the students’ school achievement. This theory puts

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