Flexible Business Plan Essay

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1.3 Explain flexible business plan of pathology laboratory.

Flexible plan should be consist operational potency, maintenance, and improvement upon with visionary leadership, smart cash flow, taking advantage of progressive operational business models, and efficient pathology laboratory design.
Several factors influence an efficient of pathology laboratory design together with
• Flexibility
• workstations work flow
• operational business models
• automatic instrumentation/robotics
• quality of life

Test volumes, FTEs, and beds served by the laboratory ought to still be evaluated throughout the planning method.


The most effective way to achieve most flexibility is that the utilization of pathology laboratory arrange. A pathology laboratory arrange can enhance employee’s utilization, communications, oversight, and therefore the ability to share instrumentation. Can use flexible case work also here.
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For instance the implementation of the Lean management approach can greatly impact the laboratory style. The elimination of waste among the planning, combined with optimizing progress, relationships, and adjacencies among the research lab, will have a profound impact on operational ability. Having a fair larger impact on management structure models is that the introduction of automatic instrumentation/robotics.

Automated Instrumentation / robotics

To maximize operational opportunities, it's obligatory to utilize automatic instrumentation/robotics. The Introduction of front-end processors and ultimately full robotic lines has organized process and wedged turnaround for results. Initial investments during this technology are frequently decreasing permitting a major proportion of the market to buy this technology. Easier atmosphere is also critical for achieving and maintaining operational potency.

Quality of

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