Start Up Opportunity Essay

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Describe your Startup Opportunity

The name of my business is LOTE Outfitters (Living On The Edge). LOTE Outfitters is a guided and DIY hunting lodge that has hunting opportunities in Northwest Iowa (Emmetsburg), Southern Iowa (Riverton), Western Nebraska (Scotts Bluff), and Colorado (Brighton). We offer all types of hunting opportunities and wildlife experiences. I have always loved hunting and thought about starting a business in the industry. I have been on the pro staff of a hunting company for a couple years now. This has allowed me to learn a ton of information about the industry and gain multiple connections like sponsors and other outfitter owners. For this reason, I believe I have the knowledge and ability to start my own outfitter.
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For waterfowl hunting enjoy hunts in the timber sunshine, or wade out into our flooded farms with over 40 blinds. We have flooded crop fields, flooded timber, large managed marshes, sloughs and dry fields. We intensely manage the property trying to make it the best waterfowl hunt you’ve ever been on. With the ability to keep water open during the winter freeze, allows for thousands and thousands of waterfowl to come in during the migration. For deer hunting, LOTE controls several thousand acres of some of the finest managed, trophy whitetail deer hunting there is. Our resources consist of a variety of habitats from; food plots, timber, wooded draws, agricultural land, and CRP. You have the option to hunt from several different tree stands, ground blinds, and heated blinds. For turkey hunting, we have several acres of dense timber that hundreds of turkeys call home. Allowing you to experience a turkey hunt right under the roost or at a managed food plot. Turkey hunts are conducted out of a ground or box blinds that is strategically placed for the hunt. All of our locations are considered a hunting preserve, this allows for us to be able to hunt pheasant year around. A lot of times clients book a waterfowl, deer, or turkey hunt and then buy a few pheasant hunts to take up some of the down time. We have several acres of CRP and sunflower fields allowing for a …show more content…
With it being a hunting outfitter there isn’t necessary a age group that you target. So instead we try to target all outdoor enthusiast. People who love being in the outdoors will love my outfitter because it provides experiences that can’t be gained anywhere else. We have options for the young hard hunting kids who just love to go go go, to hunts that are more designed for older people so there isn’t as much work to be done. Many people will buy our hunts because of the proven success in the field. All it takes to impress hunters is to provide a excellent experience, it is not all about getting out and killing animals it’s about the experience and the memories made along the way. It also doesn’t hurt having piles of waterfowl or huge world-class bucks to show off

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