Examples Of Setting And Achieving Goals

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Setting and Achieving Goals To have a successful company, a leader must undertake and play a numerous amount of roles in the company. One roll a leader must play is the overall long term vision of the company. A leader also is there to see how operations on going on an everyday biases and must make sure that his staff is knowledgeable and aware of the vision for the future of the company. The vision of the business is not only the priority of the leader, but also the workers must work hand in hand with the leader to reach the common goal of the company. How might effective leaders create a vision for their company? Effective leaders must take into consideration and also analyze the companies budget, competition, and level of risk to create the vision. Researching information and facts are what leaders form their vision based upon. Once the researching is done, the leader will then need to take steps to find which type of planning will be the most productive and effective for the organization. The two most popular and most effective types of planning an organization can take to create an effective strategy are the strategic plans and operational plans …show more content…
This type of planning is the long term plan that will put forth the overall goals the company wants to achieve. When the strategic plan is taken on, companies are looking to achieve the goals set up in roughly three to five years. SMART goals is the concept the organization should be using to measure the goals that the leaders have set. Each letter in SMART is a unique step to the process. The first letter “S” represents, specific. Specific refers to how employees play a strategic and specific role in order to reach certain goals. The second letter is “M” which represents, measurable.
Running Head: Setting and Achieving Goals

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