Examples Of Microwave Mentality

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1. Americans have developed what has been called a “microwave mentality.” We like quick service, instant food, and fast results. Does this describe you as a customer?
When you grow up in an environment where everything happens fast and you can get what you seek faster than you can count up to a hundred, you know you are being sort of spoiled. Not having to wait for anything for very long, you automatically expect everything to happen right away – the sooner the better. I think everyone has had an experience where they have used a new fast working computer, and once they went back to an old computer, they noticed how much slower it was. The frustration is obvious. One can see the frustration in people when their internet is moving slower
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If I don’t have to wait for very long, why should I settle for anything less. However, there are instances where I do not mind waiting. Whenever I have to wait, I expect the service or product to be excellent. I have expectations when I go somewhere to acquire a product or service, and I do not always expect quick. While I have a “microwave mentality”, I do appreciate the quality I get when I actually have to wait. There are things that can’t be rushed, in order to get the best quality. No one really wants to wait, because we are not used, but when we have to wait we can easily turn into unsatisfied customers. I believe that is not only people in the U.S. who have developed a “microwave mentality”, I believe that people in all developed countries have managed to develop this mentality. I believe that this mentality is going to affect more and more people as time goes by and as technology changes the rest of the …show more content…
What American companies besides Federal Express base their success on NOW service?
I believe that there are many companies in the U.S. besides FedEx that base their success on NOW service. Consumers looking for products or services want it fast, they want it yesterday, the sooner the better. For them time is money, and no one wants to wait. Therefore, businesses have to mold themselves to what the customer wants, because without them their chances for success is slim. A business success is partially measured by customer satisfaction. I think it is safe to say that every fast food restaurant is basing their success on now service. Places such as, Mc Donald’s, Boston Market, Taco Bell and many more, they try to get their lines moving as fast as possible. Their customers expect fast service, but they also expect their product prices to be low. I doubt that people would line up at these restaurants if it wasn’t for their quick service. I believe that eBay is also a business that is basing their success on NOW. eBay recently debuted a new service call eBay Now, which is service that promises 1 hour delivery of a product. Amazon is also another company that I believe that bases their success on NOW. They want to deliver products to their customers as quickly as possible, because they have competitors that are right around the corner from their customers. Being an online business you have to be better than the store that isn’t far away from your potential customer. I believe

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