Why Should I Be Nice To You Analysis

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In the article why should I be nice to you? Coffee shops and the politics of good service by Emily Raine which was published in the online journal Bad Subjects in 2005, the author makes several interesting points about the service industry. It is obvious her opinion is being nice is not beneficial. Emily Raine discusses the reasons being nice just doesn’t matter in the fast food industry. Several of the reasons include the lack of contact with customers, the use of uniforms, low pay and uninterested customers.
Emily reports the average contact with a customer is less than ten seconds. She feels this is intentional to increase efficiency similar to an assembly line. She also thinks this minimizes the need to be nice because the amount of contact is so brief.
Emily states that most coffee shops or fast food restaurants require uniforms in
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A few get tips which often cover the difference. However most do not get tips which give no incentive to give better service. In her opinion this leads to a lack of politeness by the workers in the service industry which includes coffee shops fast food and some hospitality workers.
Wearing uniforms can be positive thing it helps customers recognize who is a worker. Uniforms also are a good way to make sure employees dress appropriately. Since most companies provide the employees uniforms it also reduces the clothing cost for the employee. Uniforms also give the appearance of an organized work force. Having a set uniform makes it easier the employee to get ready in the morning with no stress about what to wear.
The issue of paying minimum wage to workers is very controversial. Although service jobs do pay minimum wage this should be no excuse for treating people rudely. A minimum wage job is often the only type of employment the uneducated or unskilled person can get. Paying high wages does not create happy and courteous

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