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When it comes to the topic of branding, we often think about corporate brands such as Apple, Coca-cola, McDanlods, as it reminds us of tangible products and services we invest in. Tom Peter(1997)claims that "personal branding" can be viewed as individuals playing the role as a CEO of their own company and everyone have the personal brand. Therefore, personal branding is a significant powerful tool for individual to achieve success in the corporate world by providing a programmatic set of strategies to improve individuals brand (Lair, 2005). In this essay, I will talk about how I plan to approach my personal branding strategy and to develop it to successfully achieve my future career ambition.
Branding is the process of selling a service,
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The report give Nike as an excellent corporate brand example, it can provide advertising without specific products promotion but only the logo and brand name, it represents that Nike is aim to improving the brand image (Lair, 2005). When a company successfully has grown its corporate brand, the brand may become an icon in the market that can help them gain huge competitive advantage hold in the marketplace (Holt, 2016). The brands of Nike, Apple and Coca-cola are a typical icon in the industry. Nike brand value was estimated at $19 billion in 2014 (Soni, 2016), 48% of the footwear market in the US owned by Nike industry in 2015 (Leach, 2016). Apple brand value was estimated £161 billion in2015 and it became the top one in the annual Brandz global brand power list (Sweney, 2016). Coca-cola is the most valuable soft drink brand in the world and it reached the value of $80.31 billion in 2016 (Statista, 2016). These business examples show a success brand make the company become unique in the industry and bring the huge competitive advantage to the companies, therefore, to build a good personal brand can also present us as a differentiator in the crowded marketplace as we are also had our own …show more content…
Personal branding is the movement that transforming the business concepts of products advertise and development into a consciousness concept of the influence between corporate world to market persons (Lair, 2005). Personal branding clarifies and communicating the unique people generated in different way to reach their goals and it is an expression of our unique, such as skills, strengths or natural talents. Personal branding can be used to defined ourselves and the value that we offer (1,). Every choice we make and action we take is all contributes the message that we are sending out, therefore, it is important that we manage our personal branding in order to define and deliver a clear message of the value offer so that we can reach the goal we set

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