Nike Pest Analysis Essay

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PEST Analysis

PEST analysis refers to all the macro-environmental factors that are important for strategic management.
The importance of all these factors is different for different companies or industries but they play very important role to take future action of every organization.

PEST Analysis for Nike.
Political Factors

Rules & regulations of government always put big effect on stability and instability of any worldwide business. The US government department has always makes helpful policies that help out any multinational company to achieve their targets internationally.
Many of Nike units are established in Asian countries like China, Indonesia, and Bangkok etc. The political un stain ability in Bangkok past few years was a major
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Nike, Inc. is associated with its quality and uniqueness. This increase in brand awareness has helped the business of Nike, Inc. to grow. They were the first company that introduced innovation in the footwear and apparel industry. The amalgamation of style with technology led the foundation of success for Nike, Inc. which continues till today (, 2016). The Nike Swoosh logo and their slogan ‘Just do it!’ is highly popular and recognized around the world.
Awareness of fitness and health is increasing day by day all over the world. Due to which the Nike footwear and apparel are used number of people who are visiting the nearest gym to maintain their health, body and physique. Indirectly, this helped Nike, Inc. to increase the sales. Some of the consumers also associate Nike, Inc. with fashion and leisure (, 2016).
Nike, Inc. has devised the key strategy to grow their business in the next few years by targeting the increasing number of female customers. The business in the women line grew by nearly 14% to $5.5 billion in the year 2014. The company estimated that the sale from women will reach $8 billion by the year
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As a pioneer Nike, Inc. is regarded to introduce various products which become the famous in the whole world. It has always adapted the latest technology in the manufacturing their products. This new technological innovation not only helped them to set ahead from their competitors but also refined and augmented the production process (, 2016).
Marketing is very important factor for growth of any multinational brand. With the help of global marketing rise in sales and impact is seen clearly, Nike, Inc. has also altered their marketing strategies to reach their customers and prospective consumers. The increase in marketing activities on the internet, face book, twitter etc is different from the traditional way of marketing on TV channels, Hoarding etc. Nike, Inc. uses online media and apps to reach the customers and popularize their different products. In the past few years, the market of online shopping has expanded which has given Nike, Inc. the opportunity to increase their base worldwide. Due to this the company is less dependent on their retail

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