Example Of Employee Assistance Plan

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Register to read the introduction… Thus, it helps the management to focus on attaining business goals, without worrying too much about the employee’s motivation and well-being. The employee assistance plan provided by the Human Resources to Media Specialist is closely linked to the organization's overall strategic plan. HR assistance plan for the employees, known as Employee Assistance Plan or EAP include activities like assessment, short-term counseling, and so forth. They are designed help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely affect their work performance, health, and well-being. In other words, the main role of such assistance plans is to provide peace of mind to the employees, thereby allowing them to concentrate in their work in a better …show more content…
If we contacted your supervisor, what would he or she say your weaknesses are? How well do you handle criticism? How well do you work as a team? What makes you a good team player? What distinctive skills can you contribute to our company? 10.Give me an example on how you have used that skill to solve a problem. 11.If I gave you this position, how long would it take for you to expect a promotion? 12.What is your current salary? 13.How well do you work under stress? 14.How does your experience qualify you for the position? 15.Why are you leaving your current employer? 16.What are your strengths? 17.What are your weaknesses? 18.What are things that motivate you? 19.What would you say is your greatest accomplishment? 20.Why should we hire you? 21.What do you know about our company? 22.Why have you chosen Accounting for your career? 23.What part of Accounting do you dislike the most? 24.What Accounting applications do you have experience with? 25.Give me an example of different Accounting reports that you have put together. 26.What kind of experience have you had in creating cost statements? 27.How would you deal with an irate

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