Evaluation Of A Stress Self Assessment Provided By The Mcgraw Hill Website

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Upon completion of a stress self-assessment provided by the McGraw-Hill website, I received feedback from my results stating that I have a relatively high EQ. The categories included self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, empathy, and social skills (McGraw-Hill, n.d.). In lecture notes from current course material, emotional intelligence is described as” components of social intelligence and adds self-awareness and self-regulation of emotions” (GCU, 2015). Based upon my responses I received a score of 90 and that I exercise most EQ behaviors, but can make improvements in these competencies by utilizing effective strategies to improve my emotional intelligence.
In order to improve my emotional intelligence I need to be “in-check’ with my emotions, which means” the management of emotion, is the ability to control emotions in order to meet an individual’s set goals, having an understanding of one’s self, and having societal awareness” ( Andrews, 2007). According to my score for self-awareness I am very aware of my weaknesses, and take full advantage of my strengths and utilize them in order to obtain success academically and professionally. Self-management responses suggest I exhibit great concern for others, and manage myself well displaying characteristics of a good friend, roommate or boss. The next competency is self-motivation which I received a high ranking for as well. I am a very goal oriented person and peruse realistic desired results in an ambitious…

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