Evaluating Myself And My Team Members Essay example

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The purpose of this memo is to evaluate myself and my team members’ contribution to the presentation. We named our team “The Project Team”; which includes Brianna Rebelo, Tatenda Mudeke, Fatima Armaghan, and I. The companies we chose to analyze are Staples and RadioShack. Tatenda created the team charter, I did the team schedule and research for bibliography, Brianna did all the editing and organizing, and Fatima did some research about the companies. We shared our work equally throughout the project.
In fact, the strengths of our team were team work, organized, great communication and determination. I believe everyone in my team had unique skills that were different from other team members so, this was one of the most important reasons made us to give this successful presentation. Tatenda created a perfect team charter that clearly stated everyone’s duty for the entire project and also explained the consequences that we could face by not obeying them. This team charter was created upon the agreement of all the team members. I personally feel that everyone stayed on track for the most part and did obey the team rules throughout the project. My team’s communication skills were extraordinary, we had several situations where team members couldn 't make it to the team meetings due to personal reasons, but they did communicate very effectively to let us know in advance. We replied to them by text message and email to let them know their assigned part of the week, this worked…

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