Essay On Why Athletes Should Be Paid

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A college degree has become a necessity in today’s society. Today, “workers with at least a bachelor’s degree had median annual earnings of $45,500,” while high school graduates have median annual earnings of $28,000 . The opportunities that a college degree gives a student are vast and valuable. However, many think that those opportunities are not enough. In particular, the idea of paying athletes has become a hot topic recently and many universities have already started compensating their athletes. Universities should not be paying their athletes because they are students receiving an education, not professional athletes. While juggling a full course load, practice, team weight lifting, and home and away sporting events is not an easy task, athletes are students …show more content…
It is true that some athletes attend college for a little just to go pro in their sport after a year or so and some would say that this means they are not at college for the education. While they have a point, they are not professional athletes yet; they are still students. It is important that a superidentity exists because an educational environment is about learning and preparing for the future, not having a career. Already athletes are fairly compensated with scholarships ranging from small packages to full rides. A free or even discounted education is compensation enough because of the value of an education. A college degree is sought after by so many and so many bright Americans struggle to afford, let alone attain, a college education. The opportunity for a free education is an opportunity that not many receive. So, why is any compensation beyond a free education an idea worth entertaining? The idea that people are given an opportunity like a college education in exchange for playing a sport for a university is an interesting concept, in itself. However, if paying student-athletes continues there could be an escalation of commitment. If universities are now able to offer more than

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