Essay On Technology And Trust Based Relationship Selling

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This essay is based on how technology can assist in the sale process and trust-based relationship selling. The sales module concentrates on the business to business (B2B), which refers to “business sells a product or service to another business or organization” (Auckland University of Technology, 2014). Technology has developed into a significant method in sales processes; technology is defined as ”assistance that salespeople receive during a sales transaction” (Ledingham, Kovac, & Simon, 2006). There are recent opportunities for corporations to influence developing technologies to construct their enterprises.

Sales process refers to a “systematic approach involving a series of steps that enables a sales force to close more deals, increase
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This means knowing about the customers background, for instance, “what do they know about your company?” and what are their needs or desires, for example, “where do they want to go?”. This is creating sales advances with expanding new and existing customers, in which, this gains success. By getting new customers through advertising and referrals from social media. Technology such as advertising is targeting new businesses, as well as attaining recent customers. Salespeople create additional time in the workplace, being organized and effective. It is important for organisations to keep detailed records of contacted customers to save time and recognised the counterfeit customer details. For example, many companies use computerized categorizing systems such as Excel and Outlook to record and sort company information, contacts and follow up calls. Prospecting is managed by “numerous salesperson, which, makes automated technologies for organizing, selling efforts beyond desirable” (Arndt & Harkins, 2012). Therefore sale supports technology enables numerous sales force …show more content…
The pre-approach refers to “salesperson learns as much as possible about a prospective customer before making sales call” (Armstrong, et. 2013). The pre-approach launches with a respectable investigation from the salespeople. The research, which is accomplished by the salesperson in demand to grasp the customer and the consumer 's motivations for buying. For example, the research possibly will involve studying all the products and product characteristics in order to be able to respond to the inquiries questioned by customers. The approach refers to the “salesperson meets and greets the buyer to get the relationship off to a good start” (Armstrong, et. 2013). The opening lines should be confident to build goodwill from the start of the relationship. This beginning may perhaps be followed by specific questions to learn more about customers’ needs. For example, giving a consumer a sample to review. The technology behind assessing a sample is consumers would be suggested to write the review on the companies website regarding the product or service. Therefore, helps the salesperson interact with the prospect rapidly hence first impression is

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