Benefits Of Implementing Salesforce Platform For Diamond Cluster Entertainment

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Register to read the introduction… With the use of the Salesforce Platform, Diamond Cluster Entertainment would be able to develop a deeper relationship with their loyal customers and attract new ones. With Salesforce CRM applications and their mobile cloud-computing model, businesses can follow their customers and their budget at the same time from anywhere (Salesforce, 2013).
Salesforce also allows companies to build their own custom applications using their platform. This app can be downloaded on mobile devices or tablets via Google Play or iTunes. This would help Diamond Cluster Entertainment to connect with customers which makes it easier for them to meet the needs and wants of their customers anytime. The mobile application also makes it easier for customers make reservations and view upcoming events schedule at any of the resorts and casinos throughout the Caribbean.
Salesforce Platform would also make it easier for Diamond Cluster Entertainment to focus on developing a loyalty program. Loyalty programs would help Diamond Cluster Entertainment develop solid relationships with their loyal customers. Customers love to feel appreciated so incentives like free rooms, room upgrade, and casino credits would motivate them to come
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Salesforce is a cloud based CRM system that offers companies a variety of benefits like increased competitiveness, productivity, and profitability. With the system being cloud based, critical data can be accessed on any device at any time. This system is also cost effective because there is no hardware or software to be maintained or installed. Implementing this system in the sales and marketing departments throughout the Caribbean will streamline business processes and help build a solid relationship with customers. Having a social media presence is something that was ignored by the sales and marketing department. This new system will bring social media intelligence to the sales and marketing process. In addition, the real time dashboards in platform improve reporting and make it easier for managers to monitor performance metrics. Overall the advantages of implementing the Salesforce platform outweigh the

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