The Pros And Cons Of Uber

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For those who are not aware of what Uber is, it is a transportation service that uses technology,

such as mobile apps to connect drives with passengers. This is a very popular business in the big

cities. With technology becoming more and more prevalent and expanding more then ever this

is a great idea. But of course, with every great idea comes competitors seeking to do the same

thing but only better. And according to recent news reports and blogs, Uber is not liking this at

all and does not have the best reputation when it comes to being an ethical company. One blog

refers to them as the "most ethically challenged company in Silicon Valley." According to CNN,

Uber is using aggressive and questionable tactics in its effort to stay
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It is not only affecting the

company, but also the Lyft drivers’ income and the time and money spent on going to the

destination, only to have to turn around without a paying passenger and without any form of

reimbursement being supplied. According to one journalist who has been doing a story on Uber

for some time now – of their misogynistic culture - talked to some of the Lyft employees who

admitted that some of those fake calls were made to get them to quit Lyft and become a driver

for Uber. It’s not only unethical but treading the thin line of violating fair competition laws.

Competition is all about hard work and reinventing, but the only thing they are doing is trying

to push Lyft out of work.

What 's more, in New York Uber is also telling its drivers that it is against city regulations to work

for both Uber and Lyft. They are apparently receiving text messages from the company saying

they are forbidden to drive for another company. But according to the city’s Taxi and

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