Essay On Radiologic Technician

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I want to be a Radiographer because I possess the qualities it takes to become efficacious in this field. I am perspicuous, ambitious, and kind hearted. What better way to embody these assets by incorporating them into a career path that I know I will succeed in. Working with healthcare professionals and providing proper patient care was always a dream of mine. There is nothing better than helping those that are in need and them being beholden of your work ethic and your scope of practice. I feel as though when becoming a Radiologic Technician it is very interpersonal. Not only are you communicating with the patient face to face but you are assisting doctors in diagnosing medical issues within the body. It wasn’t until middle school, in the seventh grade when my interest in Radiology as a whole levitated. During this time in my life my grandfather was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. When he told our family I was confused and distraught .Cancer as we’ve known it to be is never good. My grandfather was not the person to have frequent check ups, so I wondered how did the doctors diagnose him and knew how far along the cancer was. He sat me down when I asked him these hard-hitting questions and showed me descriptions what I perceived as just “pictures”.In these “pictures” were just …show more content…
People are often concerned and are particular about what is happening on the outside of their body,nevertheless the functioning on the inside. I would enjoy knowing that doctors would rely on me for precise diagnostic test that radiography equipment provides. Being a Radiologic Technician is an important role by helping patients prepare emotionally and physically for specific tests and studies. It would be an honor studying to become a Radiologic Technician at the Accredited Institution of Roxbury Community

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