Essay On How To Do Good In Sports

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Think back to when you were a high school freshman and in PE. You look around and realize that many of your classmates are much more athletic than you could ever dream of being. You try your best and don’t want to seem like a quitter. But, you finally realize you just are not as wonderful as them and honestly do not enjoy sports at all. All of your friends’ play and your parents have always encouraged you to do well in sports and to be the best. You know there are other opportunities out there for you, but you do not feel as popular just being satisfactory in school. In today’s world, high school students are constantly under pressure to do well in sports, but not necessarily in school. Life lessons, like acquiring a job or just being …show more content…
One of the problems today is that too many kids are overinvolved in activities, not allowing them to have the proper amount of time to finish homework. Children are constantly under the presumption that sports are more important than doing well in school. A 2010 study conducted by the Journal of Advance Academics showed that American children spent more than twice the amount of time playing sports than children from a country like Korea (“Ridley”). Parents need to encourage teenagers to finish their homework so that they can excel academically and absorb the material better. If they do not finish homework, then their grades will not do as well. Assignments are also important to do well on tests, because it can show that their work pays …show more content…
Most students today have no idea how to simply sew a button back onto a shirt. But ask them to do a lay-up in basketball and it becomes second nature. We need to help kids realize that although sports may get you to certain points in life, they will not take you everywhere. Now, by no means should we immediately eradicate sports from our high schools or society. At this point, it is not a realistic solution to this very real problem. There simply needs to be more attention brought to the fact that not every kid can play sports their whole life. One problem that has developed in our high school throughout the years is people not having the guts to tell a child they just are not that great at something. Parents are afraid of hurting their child’s feelings, even if it means allowing them to move on. Nowadays, we allow kids to fail at sports and then continue to tell them they are doing great. While encouragement is absolutely okay, there comes a point where a child has to face the facts and move on. It may sound harsh to some, but it can help kids in the long

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