Essay On Erikson's Stages Of Psychosocial Development

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This subject will give prospective parents a fundamental knowledge of the physical and biological changes that their children, both unborn and growing, will experience over time.
Undoubtedly, life begins at the moment of conception; therefore, parents’ knowledge of the different life spans, from the Pre-natal to adult stage, could be a vital factor of their children’s overall growth and functions in the society. Let us imagine a situation where a mother is uninformed about the impacts of certain harmful substances, (teratogens), on her unborn child. She smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol, and is generally lackadaisical about the substances that the fetus feeds on. When such a baby is born, it might experience learning, memory, communication,
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They are more likely to be encouraging, affectionate, and supportive, because they know the extent to which these attitudes impact their children’s psychosocial development. (Psychosocial
Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development.

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Moral Stages of Development.
Naturally, most parents teach their children good morals through constant discipline and supervision. On the contrary, some parents neglect this essential category of development, leaving their children to gradually develop bad moral conducts and attitudes towards other people in the society. For instance, parents who teach their children to tell the truth, regardless of the consequences and to help others in need, even if it requires to go beyond normal expectations, are setting a good foundation to help them develop other virtues that are beneficial in maintaining the social order and tranquility of the society. Overall, this particular subject would expose parents to the different levels of morality, and how each of them can be instilled in their children’s life. Knowing the different moral stages of development, parents would be able to identify the proper process of ensuring that their children maintain a specific moral

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