Reflection Of Erikson's Theory On Psychosocial Stages

My reflection will be based on Erik Erikson 's theory on Psychosocial Stages. Erikson 's 8 stages of psychosocial. His theories are based on age and your maturity. All the stages describe the growth of your child becoming more dependent and exploring more. Erikson describes the develop stages and how it is different from Freud 's theory on personality. The first five theories Erikson had concluded was on the the growth of your child . Developing trust , identity and preparing for the future.

Erickson theory reflects on my life in many ways . His theory on Trust vs. Mistrust contains the trust of your infant and how you show your child that you are trusting. I really can’t reflect on this first stage because it 's the first stage of infancy
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The identity stage starts at twelve and ends around eighteen. This stage is the adaptation of becoming an adult . Your child is adapting through different changes like puberty , transferring from middle school to high school and more. Your child is growing into the person you lead them to be , your child is starting to find out what they want to be in life. The stage identity is actually the stage i’m growing into. I am learning the stages of being an adult and also been through puberty. The learning of my childhood turn me to the person I am. The stages of Identity is not just finding what you want to be but finding who you are. After , finding who you are you have to accept it be proud into the person you grew up to …show more content…
Being motivated as a baby would lead you into a good life. Having a parent that loves and care for you also is a key . If you didn’t follow some stages Erikson’s had stated he stated that you might be surrounded by negativity . The people who are involved and were born into different stages might have a trouble in life . In infancy ages you should be surrounded by positive and nothing more than that . A child should not go through anything that it 's parent is going through because it might excel to a different part in life and not live the appropriate life style that the child should be in. The neglection of the child could also take a toll in the child 's life. Being neglected might control the child’s growing stages by always wanting to be alone , always shutting things out and also not wanting to accomplish anything in

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